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10 points to mention in your essay about Jesus' love

Writing is one of the oldest creative arts and since its inception, a lot has been done and in different forms. There were days when information on any issue was scribbled on rocks, parchments and scrolls. While such forms of writing still take place in some parts of the world, most of it has become historical archives and memory teasers the humankind does not want to let go. Well, today, most of what took places many centuries ago including the years of Messiah has been recorded in what has become known as history books. But while these archives are today treated as golden treasures as they give historical accounts of many centuries ago, such knowledge continue to be reproduced in books in this age of information and technology. This means that of you were to write a book about Jesus’ love, you would be required to do it in a way that reflect the very love God shows to humans. On this premise, you must therefore be a staunch reader of the Bible.

Biblically, Jesus died to save humankind from the bondage of sin and while this is something that would immensely form the bulk of your writing, there are many points you can always explore to spice up your manuscript. In a big way, there are pivotal points which you must strive to include in your essay about Jesus if you want to give it authenticity and make it rich in valuable content anyone would be looking for. Well, to help you get started on this, I strongly believe that this website can assist because it has done so before to many students, so take a leap into it. In this post, a lot is also discussed hereafter regarding the same.

  • You should mention the nature of Jesus’ love and particularly compared to love between one another
  • Talking about what Jesus said about love will also add some spice to your essay and in this case, you may consider some authentic Biblical quotes/verses
  • Look at what Jesus did for the sake of His love for mankind
  • There is nothing wrong with mentioning a number of incidences in the Bible where Jesus’ love for mankind was powerful demonstrated
  • Backing up your points with powerful real life examples is also ideal
  • Talk about a virtue that is love and some of the teachings Jesus gave about it
  • Look at why it is often Said Jesus is love, giving solid proofs

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