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The Best 25 Expository Essay Topics For College Students

If your professors want you to understand a certain concept, they will usually ask you to make an expository essay. In this kind of composition you have to explain the topic using real facts and arguments, and this requires a lot of research. Of course, not every expository essay is interesting enough for your classmates; you need to spend some time searching for the right topic. If you have no inspiration, maybe one of these ideas will help you:

  1. Your model in life. Who do you admire the most? Is it your parent, your professor, your sibling?
  2. Talk about your favorite animal. Why is it your favorite?
  3. Explain the benefits of the uniform.
  4. Discuss about parenting; is it better to be severe or understanding with your child?
  5. Social anxiety. If you build your expository essay around this topic, you might help some of your classmates.
  6. Texting and driving. How dangerous this is? Should the law be more severe?
  7. Social norms. Should we follow them?
  8. The influence of music on teenagers. Can we educate them through music?
  9. What do you want to do after you graduate? Why?
  10. Are lies ever a good thing? Can we excuse people when they are lying if they have good intentions?
  11. Does your city have a symbol? Can you explain it?
  12. Divorce. Does it affect the children, or only the parents?
  13. Internet banking. How does it work? Is it safe? We should use this instead of cash payments?
  14. Explain what consequences bullying can have. This is common in your college?
  15. Why so many girls get pregnant at a young age? Should we blame the society, the parents?
  16. Explain how criminals find victims for human traffic. Maybe your expository essay will save a life.
  17. Discuss about the rehabilitation process of criminals.
  18. Talk about the importance of homework. Does it teach children how to be responsible?
  19. Should teenagers do chores at home? Why?
  20. Explain why adoption is beneficial for the society. Should same sex parents be allowed to adopt?
  21. Underage drinking. What are the consequences on long term?
  22. Smoking at a young age. Don’t be judgmental when you discuss this topic; you might help your colleagues quit.
  23. Why accepting homosexuality is important? Should we be more tolerant with others?
  24. Imagine that you would be the president. What would you change in your country?
  25. The impact of social media over teenagers; does it make them antisocial?

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