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Domestic Violence

Violence is part of our daily lives in many ways. We witness it in our movies, we pay to see it acted out by trained fighters and at times, we become victims of it or perpetrate it on others. One particular type of violence is much harder to police and that is the type that takes place within the walls of a home by one occupant and against another. This essay looks into both the causes and the possible solutions for domestic violence.


As with most major societal problems, domestic violence cannot be blamed on one single cause. To start with, males are socialized to be dominant. This is part of the reason why the majority of abusers are male. They may have been raised to believe that women should occupy very specific roles while society has made it possible for them to pursue careers and have lives outside of the home. In order to assert their dominance over female partners they may at times resort to violent means.

On the other side of this problem is the fact that some women have been raised to believe that the male, as head of the household, is right by default. If this is the case, they may not immediately recognize the signs of abuse as they begin to manifest. This makes them more likely to progress unchecked into clearly violent acts against the spouse and perhaps children. In cases where the abuser is female and the victim is male, he may feel too ashamed to recognize the abuse for what it is. If he does admit it, he may simply be uncertain that anyone will take his plight seriously enough to help.


One of the first steps that should be taken is to alert both boys and girls as they grow up to the signs of abusive tendencies so they know what to look out for in potential partners. People of all sexes who have anger issues should also be encouraged to get counseling that can help them better deal with their emotions.

Women and men who end up in abusive relationships should be reached out to and encouraged to leave. This may mean providing alternative incomes for those who are dependent on their partners’ support.

Social problems thrive when we do not address them adequately. With this in mind, it is important to not only think of these issues but work hard to solve them.


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