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Alternative Sources of Energy

Energy is one of the main drivers of the world economy. Many systems rely on energy for sustenance and growth. However, the search has been for energy sources that create less of problems than benefits. The search for alternative sources of energy has been prompted by the need to have clean fuels other than fossils. Fossil fuels have mainly been used in the past and even up to this present age. However, they have had some negative impact that has caused a stir all over the world.

Why alternative energy sources?

Following the production of carbon dioxide in a day-to-day basis and its release on the atmosphere of the earth, there is always a looming potential harm through global warming. The warmth of the earth has continued to increase adversely leading to a global warming effect. This affects human and animal habitats making life more difficult to sustain.

Due to the dangers posed by fossil fuels and other energy sources, there has been a growing need to look for alternative sources of energy. This is the only solution to the effects being caused by global warming. Current technologies used producing energy need to be replaced and retrofitted with other options that can perform relatively the same or better but without emitting harmful gases like carbon dioxide. This is what alternative sources of energy are all about.

Energy Alternatives

Wind, solar and other resources that are renewable are a potential source of the much needed alternative energies. With a continued change in climate, growth in population and a depletion of fossil fuels means that there will be a much needed effort to maximize the output of these alternative sources of energy.

Energy alternatives have just been established but have not yet been exploited fully. The case is expected to happen in the near future. These energy sources have no unwanted consequences as is the case with nuclear energy and fossil fuels. One important characteristic of alternative energy sources is that they are renewable and are believed to be “free” energy.

Generally, alternative energy sources have low emissions of carbon compared to traditional sources. Biomass, solar, water, wind energy and geothermal sources are some of the current explorations with a potential of taking over in the future. These alternatives are clean with a combined advantage of having an ability to recycle. They are not only expected to drive the economy but at the same time enhance the survival of man both presently and beyond.


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