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15 Great Expository Essay Writing Prompts For Middle School Students

What is an expository essay?

An Expository essay is built around an idea. The writer needs to develop the idea on the basis of verification, investigation and showing confirming facts and data in the support of that idea. Clear analytical tone, concise argumentative points and demonstration of evidences are some of the intrinsic parts of writing an expository essay.

15 expository essay writing prompts for middle school students

  • While a social networking site is a great way to making new friends, it has some ugly effects on a teenager’s psyche. Write an expository article by showing minimum five disadvantages of social networking sties.
  • Your parents are pushing you to study science in college while you are more interested into social science. Write a detailed expository article on why social science is good for your career.
  • Who is your favorite story-bound character? What have your learned from him/her?
  • Your school suddenly saw a huge footfall of children from Asian ethnicity. What should be on your agenda to make them comfortable in their new school?
  • While teachers think that homework is crucial to learning, you consider them burdensome. Write an expository article with proper data showing- why homework is not really conducive for learning.
  • Write an expository write-up about how adults are responsible for the disarrayed eating habits among teenagers.
  • You have just introduced to a bunch of foreign students who don’t have any idea about prom nights. Explain in a step-by-step format how you will teach about the implication of prom nights.
  • Tell one musical instrument you wish to learn in school and write an article in favor of that.
  • Falling in love can jeopardize your focus before college. Explain.
  • Online bullying by fellow classmates led to a mental break-down in your best friend. Explain how an online vigilante group by students can curb virtual bullying.
  • Write about your favorite teen pop idol. In respect to this example, enlighten why conventional mode of education is not the only route towards success.
  • One can also learn from kids. Write about a new trait you have learned from a kid of your family recently and how it changed your perception.
  • Grandparents mainly suffer from loneliness these days. What teenagers can do to stop that? Explain.
  • Dinosaurs or Dodo birds? - Which extinct animals you want to be revived and what benefits they may have on the society?
  • Do you think violent video games are making high-school students aggressive? What are the cures?

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