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Children Of Immigration

Immigration is a popular topic these days. The citizens of developed countries are often fond of claiming that immigrants have ruined their ideal way of life but upon investigation, the opposite is often found to be true. Developed nations depend on immigrants for various services, and they have come to do this for various reasons, most of which stem from the level of comfort citizens of developed countries enjoy.

The why

People of developed countries are able to benefit from many social assistance programs as well as access to cheaper food and primary and secondary education. You are unlikely to find a completely uneducated person in any developed nation, whereas citizens of third world orientation must be fortunate to possess an education. Most citizens in developed countries also have a family structure that can support them if they cant find a desirable job immediately. And that's the key, people in developed countries don't need to do a job they do not wish to do, they aren't destitute or homeless.

The need

A country isn’t wealthy by virtue of existence, it must produce or refine or trade in one form or the other. In any economic model, there will be top positions of great affluence and wealth and bottom ones that pay minimum wage. Since the citizens do not desire the lower ranked job positions, companies are now forced to find people to fill those roles. They may be considered undesirable jobs but that does not diminish the importance of the task at hand. Imagine what the world would be like if no one ever took out the trash. Given the exchange rate and the conditions in developed nations versus those of third world nations, plus the availability of jobs, it is no mystery why immigrants are so willing to make the move.

The children

As is the natural course of human life, immigrants will have children. Children raised by parents of a hardworking culture well aware of what true suffering is like, but not having been faced with this themselves. They now receive the same benefits that made the original citizenry unwilling to do low end jobs, and as a result, some turn to a life of crime in hope of achieving the easy road to wealth. This gives their people a bad reputation, which makes it harder for them to be accepted by society.

In conclusion, it can be said that having a life filled with too much ease can be bad for work ethic.


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