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Coca-Cola Decline

In the recent days, most people are observing their eating habits to help reduce the risks of contracting various diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and heart complications. People are avoiding foods rich in sugar and fat to reduce body weight. Increased body weight leads to weight-related complications. Specialists all over the world are sensitizing people to avoid these foods rich in sugars and other manufacturing chemicals to help maintain a healthy physical condition. Soda is among the drinks rich in sugars and manufacturing chemicals. Since the campaign to observe what you eat start, the sales of coca-cola drink have significantly reduced.

Reasons for coca-cola decline

Anti-obesity campaigns and research conducted by public health researchers have revealed the health risks associated with drinking soda. They have changed the way people think about soda, and this have made many people avoid drinking soda as they regularly used to. Terming the soda as an unhealthy product had a great and negative impact on the sales of the coca-cola brand soda. Since the 1990s, the sales of full-calorie soda is experiencing a sustained and severe decline. As most people are actively trying to avoid the drinks, the sales are stagnating. Another reason for coca-cola decline is the emergence of bottled water. Most people are substituting soda for bottled water. Bottled water has overtaken soda as the largest beverage category in America and other parts of the world.

Drop in the consumption of soda represents the world’s biggest diet change in the last decade reducing the world’s daily calories intake. Cutting down on soda consumption has gone a long way in reducing the global rates of obesity. In most countries like America, there has been an attempt to implement obesity taxes on the soda company. Though this policy did not pass, a series of related city policies and the task debate have discouraged people from drinking soda. In some countries like Philadelphia, the sale of sugary schools is prohibited and limited in public vending machines. Such countries even incorporate nutritionists in classes to help educate children on healthy dieting to avoid the risk of contracting various diseases. According to recent research, it is worried that consumer tastes and preferences are shifting, and the soda abstinence may be permanent.

The impact of coca-cola decline

The coca-cola sales decline has a great and negative impact on the company profits. A decrease in consumption means a reduction in sales which leads to reduced profits. Reduced benefits may result in loss of employment among the people working in Coca-cola Soda Company all over the world.


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