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Synthesis And Response Essay Writing Tips For High School Students

Writing an paper for school assignment can be a daunting task to many students who are often confused as to the correct approach to writing them. A clear, logical and coherent essay is often given good grades by the teacher, and often students who follow a structured path in writing their responses end up topping the class. We will see how we can tackle writing a synthesis and response essay in this article.

What is synthesis writing?

The purpose of writing a synthesis essay is to look at the viewpoints and opinions of multiple authors on a particular topic at hand. You will need to synthesize what each of your selected authors has to say about the topic at hand objectively. Collect all the relevant data related to the topic such as statistics, images, quotes, etc., as you will need them to support your thesis statement.

Please note that at the synthesizing stage you are only collecting information about the given topic and not yet responding to them.

How to write your response?

The next part of the work comes in writing your response. After you have collected enough information on your topic, form a rough draft as to where each of the pieces of your writing would go. The skeleton of your writing could be as follows:

  • Introduce your topic:  Write a few sentences that express the purpose of your paper. Address your reader as to what you will be arguing in the paper. Take a firm decision on what you will be arguing for.
  • Present arguments for your thesis: Provide necessary data to support your arguments. Here you can collate your data that you have collected from your research on the topic. If you have collected viewpoints of four authors, you could choose to consider responding to all of them or authors of your choice.
  • Give examples:  Provide a few examples as to what you think from your perspective. If you have any examples in your mind, say a personal experience or experience of a friend or family would be great.
  • Conclude:  Summarize your entire report.
  • Referencing: Don’t forget to include references to your articles and format them in the appropriate style that you have been asked to.

No matter how you would like to format your report you need to have the above-mentioned structure in your writing as it provides a logical and coherent flow of information in your response. A well-written essay consists of a clear, meaningful and logical flow of information and will surely give you good grades. Good luck with your homework!


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