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How To Write An Essay About The European Wars Of Religion

Quite the topic, there is no one way to approach this subject with many of the documents surrounding these events are often shrouding in doubt and inconsistencies. There are many existing formats and guidelines that can assist you greatly and you can find all of them and more if you follow this link.

Do not let the fact that this is a complicated topic discourage you, you can conquer this task easily if you approach it correctly. In the follow points, I will outline a simple structure for you to follow that will help you construct your essay, despite the complications of the subject matter:

  1. Identify the common theme
  2. Throughout human history, we have fought wars for many reasons and one of the most common reason is religious belief. Regardless of location, culture or technological advancements, just about ever race of people has been involved in a religious dispute at some point in their history. Because of this pattern, there is sure to be a common case involved in all these disputes.

  3. Show how various incidences reflect this theme
  4. After identifying the common trend related to wars, you can now proceed to present the readers with examples that clearly represent this theme, with proper reference. It would be beneficial to use at least one example from history that most people are familiar with, to ensure that your point is understood.

  5. State whether you thought the victor was just
  6. Some very gruesome, morally unacceptable acts against humanity have been carried out through the course of these wars and many leaders try to justify their actions, or outright cover them up, after the fact. Discuss whether or not your think the leaders involved in these conflicts were just in their actions or could they have handle the situation better?

  7. Discuss the reason each side has for going to war
  8. While one party may be the one to draw first blood, it is often not clear who started the conflict in the first place and many times, involved populations can’t even remember why they’re fighting at all. Some investigation into the reasons individuals have for picking up arms can shed light on the situation.

  9. End with a suitable conclusion
  10. Because of the nature of this study and the high occurrence of falsified information, it can be difficult to reach any definite conclusion. You could end by stating what you can reasonably prove and also mention what you believe may possibly be the whole truth.


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