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Definition Essay Topics: A List Of Exciting Ideas

When writing an essay one must first choose its theme, then the readers they want to target. Some people can have their interest easily peaked by adventurous, suspenseful or even drama oriented stories whereas others would prefer the fighting and explosive destruction found in the fast paced scenarios of action type essays. Here are some titles that will suit the action packed compositions.

  1. Car chase
  2. Describe the close calls and skilled driving done by a villain and the police that give him/her chase. Note the conditions of the roadways taken by the outlaw as his pursuers draw ever closer to apprehension. This idea can be expanded to story length.

  3. Beaten
  4. Write about a person finding a thief in their house and failing to subdue him/her. Show how crafty the robber was by detailing the steps he/she took to evade capture. Ideas like furniture destruction and injury can be thrown into the mix if needed.

  5. At gunpoint
  6. Write about a robbery where the victim was assaulted with a firearm. Explain how the situation transpired with details of the persons involved.

  7. To bully the lame
  8. In this epic, show how a bully was subdued by a student on crutches. Relay that the assailant was older and in a higher class than his target.

  9. Speeding
  10. Turn the noontime traffic of a city from it’s leisurely pace to adrenaline induced attempts to dodge a rogue vehicle.

  11. On the horse
  12. Create an old ‘western movie’ setting and portray a horse race between a suicidal lady and her lover. There should be many little twists one can come up with to raise the suspense.

  13. Turbulence guaranteed
  14. While a plane was flying through the inter tropical conversion zone it encountered a series of thunderstorms. Elaborate on the decisions made by the pilots.

  15. Cliffhanger
  16. Explain how the attempts of civilians and officials resulted in misfortune when they tried to rescue an unconscious mountain climber.

  17. The open plains
  18. Write about a tornado surprising a town at night. Describe the decisions people made in the panic and hysteria.

  19. Bar fighting
  20. Expand on the events that turned a petty dispute into a war zone involving almost all patrons within the establishment.

  21. Football finale
  22. Portray the final soccer match for the season between two schools. There should be red cards, formation changes and injuries.

  23. Sailing in the storm
  24. Describe what an eighteenth century fishing boat may experience while trying to dock in stormy weather.


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