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Alexander the Great

Alexander the great was also called Alexander III. He was born in Macedonia, in Greece, to a Macedonian ruler at the time who was called Philip II. In his youth, Alexander’s tutor was Aristotle who was a world renowned philosopher. This tutoring happened up to when Alexander was at the age of 16. Alexander’s ambition to be a leader started at a tender age of ten years. When he was ten years old, he received the gift of a horse from a trader. However, this horse was very hostile and nobody could mount it. Alexander noticed that the horse was afraid of its own shadow. Therefore, even as his father ordered that the horse be driven away, Alexander requested for permission to tame the horse. His wish was granted and was able to tame the horse. His father marvelled at this achievement and told Alexander that his courage was too huge and he would have to find a kingdom bigger than Macedonia.

Temporary Rule of Alexander III

At the age of 16 Alexander’s tutorage under Aristotle came to an end. During the same year, Philip went to war with the Byzantion and left Alexander in charge of Macedonia. During this stint when Alexander was temporarily ruling Macedonia, there was a revolt by Thracian Maedi on his kingdom. Alexander did not cow away in fear. He responded promptly and drove the aggressors away. He even captured the land of his aggressors and named the city in there as Alexandropolis. When his father returned, Alexander still continued to enjoy victories in different battles. He even saved his father at one point.

The Fleeing and Return of Alexander the Great

Despite this huge success by Alexander, he fled Macedonia when his father married a second wife, a daughter to one of the army generals. Alexander fled because he was only half Macedonian and this new marriage could bring a true heir of his father’s kingdom. Alexander sought refuge at Illyrian despite having had defeated them in war a few years ago. However, his father never cut ties with him and through mediation, Alexander returned to Macedonia after six months. After Alexander’s return, his father’s untimely death happened through assassination by one of his bodyguards during a wedding ceremony.

Consequently, nobles and the military announced Alexander as the king, when he was only 20 years old. As soon as he was proclaimed king, Alexander the Great started his war against his enemies, and then continued to expand his kingdom.


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