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5 Guidelines That Helped Me Find Originally Written Essays For Money

I’ve never been confident about my writing and have been in even tougher situations because of overwhelming workloads that kept me from even trying to write my own paper assignments. I knew that there were several reputable places where I could but I didn’t really know where to start. Luckily, I stumbled upon a really good article that provided me with these 5 guidelines for finding a great agency that would meet all of my needs:

  1. I Went Straight to the Top-Ranked Websites
  2. I learned pretty early that if i was going to be getting essays for money I wanted to stick with agencies that were top-ranked. So, how did I find this information? I just did a simple keyword search online. All of the major search engines rank the most relevant sites the highest. Their algorithms gather all sorts of information related to number of unique visits, repeat visits, click rates, and more. Within minutes I had a list of 10 sites to consider.

  3. I Found Out What Past Customers Had to Say
  4. Before I make any online purchase I spend a few minutes looking for customer reviews. I know many companies will put the most favorable reviews right on their homepage to win my business. But the best information comes from independent sites where reviews are both positive AND negative. I used this information to shorten my list to just a handful of agencies.

  5. I Sought 100% Plagiarism-Free Guarantees
  6. One of the biggest concerns I had was that my paper would be simply plucked from a paper mill website and delivered to me under the false pretenses that it was completely original. I wasn’t about to risk my academic career with any suspicion. So, I made sure to check that agencies had iron-clad 100% plagiarism-free guarantees for me to even consider their services.

  7. I Completely Checked Writers’ Experience
  8. Whoever was going to be writing this essay for me had to be an expert. So, I thoroughly checked writers’ portfolios to ensure they were native-English speakers, had ample experience writing academic papers, had at least a master’s or Ph.D. in my field, and had samples to show me. This narrowed my options tremendously and I was ready to make my choice.

  9. I Discussed My Order In-Depth By Phone
  10. But one last thing. I was leery of submitting my first order online because I wanted to make sure there was absolutely no confusion about the assignment’s requirements and deadline. I placed a direct call and was assured my order would be completed exactly as discussed. And the results were more than I expected!


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