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Green Technology

Clean Technology as it will be referred to by others is something that is being talked about in the world today. It is all about using the learned science and knowledge to create clean and real solutions to the problems in the world. It has been tried in many fields and is a fascinating field to research on. In the recent past there has been a lot of talk about the green city in Qatar that was being designed to be constructed to host the world cup. This is being aimed at creating a solution to the adverse weather conditions that are experienced in that region that hinder activities like World cup from being held there. Green technology provides a solution to save the earth from the activities of human being that degrade it.

Goals of Green Technology

The first thing that green technology is clear about is protection of the earth and its natural resources for the future generation. It thus aims at creating sustainability with solutions that are indefinite to the societies’ needs. Apart from being trends in the future they should also be environment friendly. The solutions should also be economical and have the interests of the human race at heart. A good technology should solve problem and not create more. For example a solution that causes unemployment does not do much good to the society. Green technology should also maximize on efficiency. It should look into reducing the wastes and thus maximize on usage of the source. Solutions offered to problems should be in line with the trends in the waste emissions so as to conserve the environment.

Examples of Green Technology

In order to save the universe we have to correct the wrong things first. The energy sector is the worst hit by degrading the universe. The fossils used have got a lot of emissions. Alternative sources of energy are the key thing we should consider investing in. Green and clean energy is of course the way to go. Green technology is also used in the building industries and includes the key factors like choice of the building site and the materials to use. Green technology is also widely used in green chemistry today. A lot is done to design, implement and apply processes and products eliminate or reduce in a big percentage the generation and use of substances that are harmful to the environment. Most governments have taken up the fight against products that are harmful to the environment and recommends for government purchases only items that are in line with green technology.


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