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How Slavery Came To Be

Slavery is a very old infamous act and has been found in almost every religion, culture and race stemming up from pre-historic times to today. At some point, it was a system that was legally recognized where individuals were on legal terms taken as property of others. A slave did not have much to fight for and could be sold and forced to work for the person who owned then without any particular choice or even in matters of pay. It all started with the exploration of the American continent although the idea was still evident in the life that was lived before them. The desire for cheap labor and house servants grew immensely and therefore, many people, mostly Africans were transported to American to work on those farms.

How it worked

Powerful people in terms of wealth and social status could buy, posses, discipline, sell, liberate, transport and even dispose the body and behavior of another person as it pleased them. In the colonies that visited America among other regions, an important element was often the assignment of a slave mother’s children to the status of those born into the ideals of slavery. It would later include issues of forced labor without pre-determined terms of engagement. In most cases, slaves had a much lower economic, legal and social position in various systems in different places and times.

The issue of slavery can be dated back to the earliest times like the code of Hammurabi of c. 1760 BC - a fully developed institution. Slavery was not common among the population concerned with gathering and hunting activities. It primarily started as a social stratification system. It was very much known in such ancient civilizations as Sumer. The Ottoman wars and Byzantine-Ottoman conflicts in Europe were the main reason that saw the existence of many Christian slaves.

Other slavery aspects

It really mattered a lot, the position of an individual in the society. Some Christians during this age sold some Muslim slaves that were captured during war times. The Islamic world was also engaged in slavery all through its existence. It was however more rampant in the British Isles specifically in the middle Ages period. Britain played a very significant role in the so called “Atlantic slave trade”, particularly after 1600. The slavery idea was a legally established institution in the entire thirteen colonies in America and Canada under the British rule.


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