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Immigration is the relocation of people from one country or region to another. It has been at its highest in the recent past. This has of course been made possible by many factors. According to the United Nations statistics, there was a total of three percent of the world population immigrants across the world. This number has been rising with the growing population and it stood at 3.5 percent of the global population in 2013. Sixty percent of these immigrants are to the developed countries with the rest being to developing countries. It was also noted that a twenty-three percent of people considering immigration target is moving to the United States. In rare cases will people consider to move from a developed country to a developing one. These immigrations do happen though, but they are not as rampant as the other way round. People consider migration to have access to better resources and opportunities for prosperity. They will look at the economic status and many other factors.

Reasons for Increase in Immigration

One of the greatest pull factors that lead to immigration is the economy. This will be determined by the wages and the living standards. Many immigrants will move to countries where they see prospects of batter salaries. There is also the improvement in transport technology. This has led to the reduction in cost and time of moving. This has led to a significant increase in the level of immigrants. Many people are also forced to move because of the mandatory employment opportunities. People also immigrate because of education. This has been so rampant in the recent past because people value education more than in the past. With the fewer restrictions on movement, there are many persons who are migrating because of personal reasons. These reasons include relationships and joining family members. Political reasons are also an important factor that has led to the increase in the number of immigrants. People go to exile and migrating because of injustices and war.

Barriers to Immigration

There are many factors that may affect immigration. The first one is the legal requirements. You need to have the required travel documents. The other one is political reasons. Some countries may restrict immigrations from individual countries because of security reasons and fear of terrorism attacks. The other reasons that many people do not think matter are the natural and social reasons. For example, before you move you need to sell all your assets. You also need to think of where you will settle and the kind of reception you will get.


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