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Jack the Ripper

Jack the ripper is a famously known term referred to an unknown serial murderer or murderers which occurred in the slum areas within and around the district of White Chapel in London in the year 1888. The name Jack the Ripper was derived from a letter written by unidentified person who claimed to be responsible of the killings which was broadly circulated in the media. However, the letter was believed to be a practical joke written by the journalists in an effort to heighten public interest in the story as well as promote the circulation of their newspapers. According to the contemporary accounts of journalists and files of the crime case, the killer was referred to as Leather Apron or White Chapel Murderer.

Victims of Jack the Ripper

Jack the ripper attacks was attributed to female prostitutes who worked and lived in the poor slums of London. The throats of the victims were cut and internal organs removed. The removal of internal organs of at least three of the casualties led to suggestions that the murderer possessed surgical or anatomical knowledge. Between September and October same year, the gossips that the assassinations were connected intensified over the media. However, no believed sources proof the allegation. It was during the same period when the letters from unidentified writer or writers claiming to be the killer was received by the Scotland and the outlets of the media. The letter “From Hell” received by the vigilance committee of the White Chapel involved a preserved half kidney of human which was alleged to be taken from either of the victims. As a result of the killer’s incredible brutal traits as well as heighten public interest by the media, the public finally killer referred the murderer in serial killings to as “Jack the Ripper”.

Investigation of Jack the Ripper

Police attempt to investigate the killings was not successful. Until 1891, no exclusive connection was identified between the victims and the killers. However, the victims were identified as Mary Ann Nichols, Elizabeth Stride, Mary Jane Kelly, Annie Chapman and Catherine Eddowes, all killed between August 31st and November 9th 1888. Since the murderers were never identified, the killings turned out to a combination of myths, pseudo history and a genuine historical study. Presently, there are hundreds of theories concerning the identity of the jack the ripper. However, all these concepts have continued to be folklores as the question on who the killers were, remained to be a hard nut to crack.


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