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How To Create A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Martin Luther King's Speech

Martin Luther King is hailed as one of the most influential African speakers of the last century. Many current speakers and activists often reference his words, especially those of his famous speech which can be titled “I have a dream” by some. The message he delivered was quite clear and impacting on the hearts and minds of many. A study of this speech can show many facets of our daily lives dealing with our dreams, expectations and goals and many different positive messages can be drawn from his words. I will now attempt to outline several points that I consider of particular significant from his speech that you may want to consider when writing a rhetorical analysis essay:

  1. What was his message
  2. He spoke bravely and strongly of the two sided nature of the American Constitution and by extension, the American dream. He claimed that black people, like every other people, had as much right to freedom, equality and justice as a white person and stated that these rights were not granted to black people at the time.

  3. Why was this message necessary
  4. Slavery was abolished, yes, a Constitution was made, namely the declaration of independence, stating that all Americans held the right to ambition and happiness, not just a few. However, this was not the reality, blacks were still persecuted, discriminated against and denied equality in society.

  5. How did his words reveal a claim of American culture that was not entirely true?
  6. His words were well spoken and articulated in a way that made his points very clear and undeniable. After hearing his speech, there is no way you could hold on to a belief in the American dream unless you admit to yourself that you also believe African Americans to be subhuman.

  7. Was his desire just
  8. No one could have fought for a more just cause and we are still reaping the benefits of his speech and struggle today. Quite possibly, without this great man, Black Americans would still be oppressed and denied many basic human rights, like jobs, as they were in the 1940’s.

  9. Did he accomplish his goal
  10. Yes indeed he did, if you want evidence of this, the USA currently has a half black president, a few decades ago, this was unimaginable. Black people all over the world, not only Africans, continue to rise to higher heights and this says great things about the future of humanity.


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