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Modernism Fine Art

Modern art takes into account the artistic works that were created during the time that extended all through the 1860s to the time in 1970s. It is characterized by the philosophy and style of the art that was created during this period in history. This time is normally connected to art where the conventions of the historic times have been gotten inside in an experimentation spirit. Contemporary artists evaluated using new methods of seeing and with new ideas concerning the functions of art and the nature of materials. A tendency shifting away from the conventional narrative that defined traditional arts, modern fine art took an approach towards abstraction. Some of the contemporary artistic creations include both postmodern art and contemporary art circles.

The heritage of paint work by people like Paul Cezanne, Georges Seurat and Vincent van Gogh among others forms the basis of the establishment of modern art. From the start of the 20th century, young artists like Jean Metzinger and Andre Derain among them Henri Matisse brought a very big revolution to the Paris art collection with the use of “wild”, figure paintings and expressive landscapes that were multi-colored. These works were branded as Fauvism by critics during that period. Henri Matisse had two versions of the so called “The Dance” that signified a very important factor in his profession and later on in the advancement of contemporary painting. This reflected the incipient fascination of Matisse with primitive art that was an intense warm colour for the figures against the background that was of a cool blue-green colour as well as the rhythmical succession of the dancing nudes that conveyed the feelings of self-indulgence and emotional freedom.

The modernism fine art was very significant in producing a momentous change in the art world. It was a move that saw a breaking of the rules of art as explained in class. This was creativity all through. There was the freedom of expression that led to the discovery of other forms of art and widening the scope within which art operated. These developments were made possible through the influence of some of the 19th century artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec and Gauguin. As a result, Pablo Picasso created his maiden cubist paintings founded on the idea postulated by Cezanne that all illustration of nature could be reduced to three important solids: the cone, sphere and cube. The idea of modern fine art is very closely linked with the concept of modernism.


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