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Pride And Prejudice

This is a novel by Jane Austen in which she is not the main character. She has written it in the third person and thus she is a separate entity. In this novel she combined two methods to tell her story. She has used dialogue and narrative voice to the various feature and characters that inhabit the world. She has also prevailed in displaying the characters as omnipresent such that they can enter in other characters mind. The narrative techniques used are so sophisticated. She uses many techniques that different from what is in most of the novels. The most common used technique is that of direct speech or dialogue that she uses to communicate to the reader about the thoughts of the characters and show them their thinking.

Women in Pride And Prejudice

Just like most of the novels that you have read, Austen has succeeded in showing us the role and how women are treated in the society and especially in the British Society. She shows the character of women as inferior to that of their male counterparts. The character of women is undesirable. Character Benne, very early in the novel, in his remarks talk about his daughters and refers to them as silly and ignorant. Even though Bennet gives Elizabeth one of her daughters some credit for being a bit quick in doing things, he does not find it just to exclude her from the his remarks that they are silly. Austen portrays the undesirable traits of women when Bennet says that all his daughters vary in their degree of how they exhibit silliness. Though Austen is a bright and knowledgeable woman herself, she is caught up in the British Society views about women and in her need for success she conforms to what other people talk and think about women.

Women writers

For a long time woman has been seen and portrayed as the enemy of her own self and for that matter other women. Women have to write and portray women in the way that the community wants so that their works call gain favor in the market. If that is not the case then their work, no matter how good it is will be treated as inferior to that of men. Some female writers have been forced to publish their work using male names so that they can penetrate the market. This is a clear picture of the state in which women are viewed in.


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