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List Of Spanish Essay Topics That Will Catch Your Reader's Attention

Freedom in choosing your school essay topic may sometimes be challenging. You can feel yourself lost in the amount of the ideas and interests, especially if you are choosing a Spanish essay topic.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose something unique to impress your tutor and the rest of the class. If this situation sounds familiar, read the rest of this article and find out fresh, new ideas of Spanish essay topics.

  1. First of all, if you are writing a Spanish assignment, why not devote it to the history of Spanish language, the main reasons of its popularity all around the world, its cultural heritage. This topic will help you to show your tutor how good is your understanding of the language. Besides it is a spacious topic and you can find plenty of information in the Internet or paper resources.
  2. If you prefer writing about famous personalities more, think about researching the biography of Fidel Castro, the greatest Cuban politician and revolutionist by all means worth to be an interesting essay topic. You can diversify the theme with some unknown interesting facts from the leader’s biography, analyze certain actions of Fidel and write your own opinion about this person.
  3. If Fidel Castro is not very interesting for you, you can choose another interesting historical personality - Federico García Lorca. You can devote your Spanish essay to his most famous works as Casa de Bernarda Alba or Blood Wedding. Analyze those works in your assignment in the first part, and the second part of your essay can be about the value of these works in world literature. However, make sure that you have enough sources to write this kind of theme and avoid leaving your assignment in the middle of the writing process. Thus you will save plenty of your time.
  4. If you are more interested in sport, especially soccer, you can investigate the history of football in Hispanic countries. Try to find answers on questions like – Why football is almost like a religion for Spanish speaking countries? Most famous football teams and players are from Hispanic countries, truth or false? Etc.
  5. If geography combined with history is what you are looking for write about Catalonia or Basque Land in Spain. Research information about the differences in language, traditions and customs, revolutions for independence segregation from Spain and so on.

Don’t hesitate, pick up a pen and start writing now.


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