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Spanish Civil War

In Spain it is commonly known as the war. It was war fought between Republicans supporting the democratic Republic of Spain and the Nationalist in the years 1936 to 1939. The Nationalists was a fascist rebellious group organized by one Francisco Franco. In the end, the Nationalists won and General Franco led Spain for a period of thirty six years until he finally died in 1975. This war came to be named the dress preparation for the World War 2.

War was begun through a group of army generals of the Spanish Republican after the pronunciamiento meaning declaration of opposition . They did not support the leftist government that was elected. The nonconformist coup was reinforced by a number of conformist groups such as the Spanish Confederation on Autonomous Right, and monarchists that included religious traditionalists together with the Fascist Falange. The coup was also reinforced by military organizations in Pamplona, Morocco, Valladolid and Seville. Some defying units in major cities however did not meet capture their required objectives and these cities continued under the government. During that time Spain was divided on political and military terms. Other countries like France and Britain operated a formal procedure of non-involvement. However, France sent some munitions.

The Nationalist continued to advance their strong holds based southwards covering most of the Spain northern coast line. The war showed two groups that were both hungry for power. In the end the Nationalists won and formed the government. This was lead to destruction of the country and drop in the economy of Spain. It was not an easy thing to be in war for three good years. It also led to brain drain since at the end some people were forced to flee Spain. The Nationalists won and many leftist Spaniards fled to the camps meant for refugees in southern France. Those who remained behind and were linked with the trailing Republicans were prosecuted by the vicious Nationalists. Following the establishment of repression through General Franco following the end of the war, every right wing party was absorbed into Franco regime structure.

The war was recorded in history due to the political division and passion that characterized and again for the major mayhems done by all the war participants. Even after the end of the war, killings still occurred in well controlled and managed manner through the Republicans. The murders were usually connected to the breakdown in the systems of law and the order that existed initially.


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