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Synthesis Essay Writing Prompts: 20 Questions Worth Discussing

What is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is the piece of writing that draws inspiration from more than one sources and presents the ideas in a coherent fashion. This essay is difficult to write, as you need to have the ability to process information from multiple origins. It is generally given in college or high school as a task.

20 Questions for Synthesis Essay Writing Prompts

  1. Community services should be mandatory for every student applying for Ivy League schools, irrespective of background: Explain how under-privileged students with multiple part time jobs will find it difficult.
  2. Swanky shopping malls Vs. Mom and Pop Store: How can small stores survive in America? Describe.
  3. Like brain games, video games sometimes also develop a child’s memory: Should the parents allow the child to play video games more? Describe.
  4. School Uniforms V Dress-as-you-please: Which is more helpful in fostering ethnic tolerance in American schools?
  5. American Dream V Reality: How an Immigrant must keep expectations grounded before coming upon American shore?
  6. Photography for social networking sites V photography for art: How the traditional art of photography is going to survive in a digital age?
  7. Capital Punishment V Rehabilitation: How a repeated sex-offender should be punished in order to bring justice upon the victim?
  8. Advertising is necessary to sell a product. On the other hand, advertising can send a wrong signal to teenagers: What should be the way out?
  9. Advertising is necessary to run a company successfully. But for a viewer it’s nothing but ploy: How these two poles can meet?
  10. Museums V Amusement Parks: How the former can survive in the growing age of aversion for history?
  11. Love V Money: How the former can safeguard itself in the mad rush of materialism?
  12. Cell phones are necessary in order to live everyday comfortably. Whereas it interrupts our peace of mind a lot: Describe.
  13. A conventional schooling V Home schooling: How to impart the real education to a child?
  14. Censorship V Freedom of Art: How the world filmmakers have been harassed time and again for the former? Describe the secret of striking balance.
  15. Fairy tales are necessary to foster imagination while it may have some adverse effects on a child’ mind – Explain.
  16. Obesity V Fat-shaming: How to teach respect body to a teenage girl?
  17. Environment preservation V Industrialization – How the green earth is going to last?
  18. Space exploration V Poverty Alleviation: Which is more important and why?
  19. Assisted Suicide V Prolonged treatment.
  20. Television is essential for entertainment. TV is also necessary for information. Explain.

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