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A List Of Exciting Cause And Effect Essay Topics To Choose From

Topic selection is a critical part of writing any academic paper. Students across the world look for fresh ideas to write their paper because they need to impress their teachers. The common problem that they all face is that they do not find unique ideas and potential gap in the subject. For instance, your teacher assigns all of you to write an essay of cause and effect type. A majority of the 30 students will choose a similar topic to write. This is because they all attend the same class, and have the same professor. They use same sources for reading and come up with almost identical topics. Very few students search or read articles about choosing a topic. You are one of the few, so you should know a few basics to stand out from the rest of the class.

Ideally, you should use two procedures to narrow down your options and come with great topics.

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Elimination

Brainstorming requires the students to find a peaceful corner and sit with a pen and paper in their hands. They need to free themselves of any distracting thoughts or stress and only focus on the subject. Let your brain imagine freely and keep listing down everything that comes to your mind. At this point, the ideas might seem vague or irrelevant, but you can edit and rephrase them later.

Elimination is the second step after brainstorming; here you need to cut out irrelevant, illogical, invalid, redundant and obsolete ideas. Only keep those topics that you think are the best match to your requirements. It is a good practice to delete the first five topics and move with the rest in order to choose a unique and interesting topic.

Cause and effect essay topics for students

Here is a list of interesting cause and effect essay topics for students

  1. The causes of noise pollution
  2. How does water pollution affect the aquatic life
  3. Causes of great depression
  4. Reasons for demise of Mughal emperors
  5. The consequences of global warming
  6. The real culprits behind terrorism
  7. The effects of 9/11 on the Muslim world
  8. The results of advancement in genetic engineering
  9. The possible relation between poverty and crime
  10. What causes earthquakes

You can make your topic engaging and precise by editing and rephrasing it at the end of the process.


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