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Creating A Winning Cause And Effect Essay On Smoking In Two Hours

You only have two hours to come up with a good essay on the effect of smoking. What should you do? Well, this might just be an assignment or it could also be a term paper that you must present for marking before the end of the semester, but the one thing that you will realize for sure is that panicking, as most students will, is not the right way to go about this task.

To be precise, you have no time for panic. Instead, try and check this company and you will find out some incredible options that will help you write the best paper in the shortest time possible. The following are some of the key issues that you need to think about as you are preparing to work on this paper in such a short frame of time:

  • Draft your paper
  • Outline the causes and effects
  • Address the key points
  • Use examples to assist

Draft your paper

Since you only have two hours to make this paper turn out okay, you will need to make sure you come up with a solid draft. Drafting your paper will often allow you the chance to have a blueprint that you can work with. With such a blueprint, you are able to spend less time working on the paper, and actually go on to write the paper without having much to worry about, irrespective of the time you have to do it.

Outline the causes and effects

There are so many causes and effects that you can present on this subject. Because of this reason, you should try and look into these, outline them and see which ones you can use for your paper and which ones you can set aside.

Address the key points

The key points that will make your paper stand out are supposed to be addressed clearly. Make sure that you outline them so that you can know which points deserve a lot of emphasis and which ones do not.

Use examples to assist

As you are working on this paper, make sure you have some really good examples that you can present for the task at hand. With examples, you have a really good chance of making sure that you will make this paper stand out without having to put in a lot of effort.


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