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Wuthering Heights


The current paper is entitled to discuss the classic novel ‘Wuthering Heights’, written by Emily Bronte. The novel incorporates the act of love indicating its recurring nature among its characters.


Wuthering Heights is a well-known novel from one of the most renowned classics in English literature, written by Emily Bronte in the year 1946. The novel was considered to be controversial in the beginning due to its physical and cognitive aspect of cruelty and challenged the religious and orthodox beliefs. The novel also accounts to enlighten the differences among the social class and the phenomena of gender inequity in the society in which the notion of ‘revenge’ is emphasized and is considered to be a foundation of the story. The recurring nature of novel's characters is idealized and has accounted for many forms with respect to different personalities.


The passionate relationship between Heathcliff and Catherine has become a perfect example among other characters. The type of love they impose on each other is considered to be far away from being fulfilled. Catherine accepts her emptiness and confides that the emptiness is needed to be covered with the warmth of her true love. The social differences caused them to be apart from each other. Moreover, the passion of Heathcliff turns in the negative prospect imposing the act of revenge on the family; whereas, the uncontrolled passion causes Catherine to abandon herself from the world when she finds out about Heathcliff and Isabella's relationship.

The tendency of love between Heathcliff and Catherine is found to be beyond this world and expresses the kind of love that is considered to be unknown from the tendency and capability of most of the people. However, they both fail to understand each other’s nature of love and betray each other in their own specific manner. The existence of Catherine’s ghost is perceived as the notion in which both lovers are considered to be together finally in the hereafter and the traditional notion of their burial being close to each other ensures their togetherness which encompasses the spiritual nature of love.

The characters of Cathy and Heraton impose a rather naïve and unconventional type of love which is also found to be recurring with the fluctuations and disturbances caused by their surroundings. However, their love finds a way in the end to stay together. Thus, it is seen in the novel that the recurring nature of love is found to be revolving around two generations; indicating various life aspects, uncertainties and conversion of love in negative energies leading to bitter agreeableness.


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